According to the laws in place in Minnesota, in order to provide home health care services, your agency will need to be licensed. Unless you obtain your license first, you cannot provide home health care services within the state. There are certain conditions that allow you to be exempt from this licensure, but you have to meet very specific conditions in order to qualify for that.

You can find out information about how you can get yourself licensed, on the official website of the state.

What You Should Know About Opening A Home Care Agency In Minnesota

Before you can open a home care agency in Minnesota, you’ll need to understand the home care laws that are in place, within the state. You can access these home care laws electronically and for free. You can also purchase a copy of the file in the form of a bound book. Digital PDF file versions are also available.

There are two kinds of licenses for home care agencies in Minnesota. The kind of license that you need depends on what services your agency offers. You can either get a basic license, if your agency just offers basic services. For more complex service offerings, you’ll need the comprehensive license.

In order to first be eligible to get a home care license, certain policies as well as procedures need to be in place. These should meet the requirements put forward by the home care statutes of the state.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Temporary License?

How long it takes for you to get your license depends on how well you’ve filled out your application form. By the time MDH receives it, if there are no errors, then you’re more likely to get your license faster. On the other hand, if changes need to be made to your application, then it can take longer for you to get your license.

Ensure that you not just look through the application multiple times, but also that you provide all the necessary documents. According to the state’s laws on home care, the MDH will need to review every application. This is in order to determine whether the applicant is knowledgeable and compliant with the laws on home care within the state.

Officials can get in touch with you to ask you for additional information. They can either call you, or they could ask you to meet them. After the MDH decides that the application is complete, they have around sixty days within which to issue or to deny your temporary license.

What About Medicare Certification?

In order for your home health agency to be Medicare certified, you’ll need to make an application. Following this, you’ll need to be found in compliance during the initial survey. After this, you can receive a home care license that is comprehensive. If you are a temporary or a basic licensee, then you can’t apply to be Medicare certified.

Consider investing in Minnesota health care business insurance. This is as running a home health agency leaves you open to certain risks, such as your business getting sued by unhappy patients. When you have Minnesota health care business insurance, you can protect your business as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about Minnesota Health care business insurance, then click here.

Should You Get An Integrated License?

Some home health care agencies can have integrated licensed. Here, that they provide home as well as community based services are indicated on their license. Owing to their designation as an integrated license holder, they can support services that are basic.

Registering For Home Management

Home care services are not the same as home management services. If you offer services like meal preparation, housekeeping, as well as shopping, then this means you provide home management services. If you provide these services alongside home care services through your agency, then you’ll need to specially register your business. Your business will need to be registered with the Department Of Health in Minnesota.

You will also need to ensure that you’re complying with the bill of rights pertaining to home care. You may need to attend an orientation session on the bill of rights.

Who Is Exempted?

If you’re exempted from needing to have a home care license, then you’ll probably need to follow other laws and get necessary licenses from the licensing bodies. If you’re excluded, then your agency may not be providing home care services that are direct. Your business could also meet specific conditions that have been mentioned in the statute for exclusion.


If you want to open home care agency in Minnesota, then you’ll need to ensure that you have the right licenses first. You’ll also need to understand state home care laws, and know how they apply to you. This guide helps you learn all about how you can open a home care agency in Minnesota.