Over the years, your teeth can be stained and discolored because of factors such as age, habits, lifestyle, and genetics. Thankfully, you can restore the brightness of your teeth when you seek professional teeth whitening treatment. With this in-office treatment, you can have more beautiful and whiter teeth in only one appointment. Also, your Los Gatos dentist can perform other procedures like dental veneers and teeth cleanings to ensure you leave their office with bright and healthy teeth. 

Teeth whitening can effectively eliminate teeth stains and help you achieve a brighter smile. But before you get this procedure done, you should know some factors that can impact the success of the results. These factors include the following:

Your Teeth’s Original Color

Professional teeth whitening is quite effective for the majority of patients; however, the color of your natural teeth will influence the final results of the procedure. Often, if the hue of your teeth is yellowish, you can expect successful results from the teeth whitening procedure. However, if your teeth have a grayish or brownish shade, achieving optimal results can be challenging. You may have to undergo several teeth whitening treatments to achieve your desired results. 

The Kind of Teeth Whitening Agent Used

The kind of whitening agent to be used has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the overall treatment. Although you may be able to save money on over-the-counter products, professional teeth whitening delivers safer and more significant results as well as provides a lot of benefits. These benefits include more uniform results, faster treatment time, fewer tough ups, as well as natural looking and lasting results. Your dentist can provide you with customized treatments that can save you money down the road due to their effectiveness. Additionally, they can tailor your treatment to ensure natural results. 

Your Lifestyle and Oral Health

The kinds of foods and beverages you consume will significantly affect the success of your teeth whitening treatment and how long the results last. To make sure you have a brighter smile for a long time, you must quit smoking or using tobacco products, reduce your intake of acidic food and dark-colored drinks, and schedule regular appointments with your dentist. 

Moreover, your oral health and your teeth’s condition can also influence the effectiveness of your whitening treatment. If you have plaque buildup or dental cavities, whitening your teeth will be difficult. Thus, you must get your teeth cleaned by a dentist before any teeth whitening procedure. This allows for the creation of a good foundation for the products that will be used for whitening your teeth.