Getting your wisdom tooth removed is a painful but satisfying process as you get rid of an extra pair of misaligned molars, which affects your daily activities. The dentist in Hollywood, FL, performs around 5 million wisdom tooth extraction procedures annually worldwide; thus, it is quite common. However, you need to get proper sleep after the wisdom teeth removal for a smooth healing process. If you’re worried that this removal procedure will impact your sleep, we’ve got you covered. This article highlights the top 6 tips to get peaceful sleep after wisdom teeth removal. Let’s dive in! 

Top Tips To Get Proper Post-the-removal 

1. Take Prescribed Pain Medicines 

Getting wisdom teeth removed is a complex and painful procedure; thus, your dentist will suggest some painkillers that can help you deal with any pain and discomfort while sleeping. Ensure you do not take an overdose of painkillers. 

2. Sleep Under Supervision 

Soon after the procedure, sleep in a position where your head is more elevated than your heart because lying straight will result in pain and swelling, which slows down the healing procedure. Your dentist will cover the wound with a cotton swab, so do not remove it while lying down. 

3. Avoid Sleeping on Wet or Slippery Floors 

Sleeping or lying on a slippery surface like a leather sofa is a common everyday practice. Avoid it for at least 24 hours post-wisdom tooth removal. This can cause a lot of pain and results in swelling. Sleep on your bed with an elevated head. 

4. Build an Appropriate Sleep Environment 

After the wisdom teeth removal, managing the room temperature is important because you should not sleep too cold or hot. Ensure the lights are turned off with a temperature of 72* F-76*F.

5. Stay Hydrated and Well-fed 

If you want to recover faster, drink lots of water and eat soft and delicate food. Although eating will be a big challenge for the first few days, do not starve, as it will affect the recovery procedure. Rely on foods like Eat Yogurt, blended soups, mashed potatoes, bananas, smoothies, and other soft foods.

6. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol 

Both tobacco and alcohol largely impact the overall body healing process after wisdom teeth removal. Therefore, dentists do not recommend taking tobacco or alcohol after the procedure. 

Wrapping Up 

Getting peaceful sleep is important for a faster recovery procedure. Follow these six tips to get a peaceful sleep!