How you smile makes a significant difference in the way you interact with other people and see yourself. Although practicing good oral hygiene can maintain mouth health, every person is different in terms of individual tooth color, shape, and dental issues.  As a result, a cosmetic dentistry option may be the best way to achieve your desired smile and appearance. Dental veneers in Columbia, SC, can help make this happen. To ensure you can benefit from veneers, consult your dentist about it. In general, here’s what makes you eligible for veneers:

You Have Good Overall Dental Health

You need to have a healthy mouth, in general, to be able to benefit from dental veneers and other dental solutions meant to create a perfect smile. This means you have healthy gums and teeth that do not require additional treatments. With different dental problems like serious tooth decay and gum disease, the ability of your tooth to offer a great surface for veneer adhesion becomes limited. Also, veneer adhesion can be difficult because of other factors, such as teeth grinding. In addition, misaligned teeth or bites can put extra strain on your veneers and may cause them to crack. 

You Have Sufficient Tooth Enamel

Because dental veneers should adhere to the enamel of your tooth, you need to have enough healthy enamel available. Although your dentist will get a thin layer of your tooth enamel before they place your veneers, the underlying layer should be sufficient enough to bond them in place. Otherwise, the veneer will not adhere properly. When this happens, the veneers will not be able to fully function and last. 

You Have Seriously Discolored or Stained Teeth

Today, teeth whitening treatments are available to help improve your smile. Although they may treat mild and moderate teeth discoloration, they may not work with darker stains. But dental veneers can cover such stains, no matter what causes them.

You Need Minor Cosmetic Fixes

Veneers can hide different minor cosmetic problems like cracks, misshapen teeth, or chips and offer a quicker solution than other options. Usually, dental veneers are the perfect solution to attend to your flawed teeth that can instantly enhance your smile. 

If you are ready to get dental veneers to transform your smile, contact your dentist and ask about your eligibility. If you won’t be eligible for veneers, your dentist will recommend other treatment options for your specific dental issues.