The word sex has always been stigmatized and kept under wraps. The people are not willing to discuss it openly. In the pandemic, not only mental health problems have aggravated, but sexual issues too. One of the primary reasons that impact sex life is stress, work-life imbalance, financial crisis, lack of socialization, and mood swings.

 Stress snatches our libido, increases conflicts in relationships and thereby affects sexual life, thus sometimes causing erectile dysfunction. 

In this post, we are trying to inform you about erectile dysfunction, what triggers it and how we can treat it.

What do you mean by erectile disorder?

This dysfunction is experienced by a man while maintaining an erection during sexual performance. It occurs in middle-aged, older and young men. Most men are unaware of it, and the condition remains untreated. The first step is to talk to a sexologist in Pune to get it cured. They will help you identify its causes, suggest you make lifestyle changes, and offer you medications.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Many medical causes are a trigger for this disease, including hypertension, diabetes, and psychological conditions, like

Depression and anxiety,

Poor lifestyle habits,


Excessive consumption of alcohol, 



Feelings of shame and guilt in a relationship

Job imbalance

Excessive use of drugs

Lack of physical activity

Chronic Kidney disease

Kidney stones


Unhealthy diet

By addressing all these common problems, the man can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Is erectile dysfunction common among the young generation?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is commonly seen among middle-aged and older men, but today it is impacting the younger generation too. So, we can safely say that this medical disorder can occur to anyone, irrespective of a man’s age.

Is there any cure for it?

You can try many remedies under the guidance of a sexologist in Pune, like they will offer you supplements, testosterone boosters, over the counter pills, etc. Lowering stress levels and exercising can help you stay active, improve your erectile problems, and boost your overall well-being.

What challenges do you face when you have erectile dysfunction?

You can’t enjoy your sex life

Erectile dysfunction does not allow you to maintain a firm penis when having sex. It is because blood flow is not sufficient to sustain the erection of the penis. It can be due to physical disorders or mental disorders too.

Premature ejaculation

If the man ejaculates after starting with sexual activity, it is known as premature ejaculation. It is common among younger men who are just started to discover the new world of sex, but it can happen among males of various age groups.

Solution: The best solution is to consult a sexologist and rule out any medical disorder. There are many medicines to correct these problems.


Talking to the doctor, taking the medications, and clear communication with the partner can improve the relationship. To know more about sexual disorders and their treatment, visit our website.