Melasma is no doubt a stubborn condition and treating it can be very tough and tricky. Choosing a clinic to treat this skin flaw is critical as not all doctors are experts in dealing with this type of skin condition. Finding the top melasma clinic in Singapore is highly recommended for patients suffering from melasma. By going to a top melasma clinic, you won’t have to worry about not getting the right treatment and looking for another doctor when your treatment goes awry. You can expect a doctor that has a wealth of knowledge and experience to treat your condition, deliver results, and give your money’s worth.

With all the aesthetic clinics in Singapore, how do you find one that practices only the gold standard when treating melasma? Here are some tips to get you started:

1 Ask for recommendations. The best people to ask for recommendations are those within your circle of family, friends, and colleagues who frequent aesthetic clinics.

2 Search online. Most of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore have their own websites that list down the various types of products and services that they offer.

3 Read reviews. Clinic reviews and ratings can also be found in the world wide web. Check out the reviews and ratings by past or current patients to see if a clinic performs well.

The tips suggested above should already be able to provide you with a number of clinics that offer melasma treatments. By reading reviews, you already have an idea whether you should go for a certain clinic or not. If you have a long list of clinics, you can further narrow down the list to find the top melasma clinic by doing these:

1 Check out the doctor’s credentials. A board certification is what you should first look for when it comes to choosing the right doctor. This assures you that the medical practitioner has undergone proper education and training to be able to handle conditions that affect the skin. This should also let you know whether a doctor has any cases of malpractice or not.

2 Know about their skills and experience. Being board certified is not enough to prove a doctor’s credibility. A top doctor must be able to back their credentials with their skills and experience in their chosen field. Some doctors provide before and after results of the treatments that they are experts of. Go for a doctor that has years of experience and successful melasma treatments to their name.

3 Inquire about technology. The technology in the world of aesthetics and dermatology has been seeing a lot of advancements and developments over the past decades. With new tools, equipment, and products available, the rate of success of treating a certain skin condition has increased as doctors now are able to diagnose problems earlier and provide combinations of treatments to patients. If a clinic’s technology is not up to date, it is best to look for an alternative.

Now that you have an idea about how to find the top melasma clinic in Singapore, let us move on to the different kinds of melasma treatments available.

Treatments for melasma

As mentioned, melasma is a skin condition that can be problematic to treat. As a matter of fact,  the type of melasma that you have may have an influence on how they respond to treatment. The table below shows the characteristics of the three types of melasma.

Type of Melasma Characteristics Response to treatment
Epidermal Melasma •   Borders are well-defined

•   Dark brown color

•   Noticeable when exposed to black light

•   May respond well to treatment
Dermal Melasma •   Borders are blurry

•   Bluish or light brown color

•   Indifferent appearance when exposed to black light

•   Does not respond well to treatment
Mixed Melasma •   A mix of bluish and brown patches

•   Pattern appears as mixed when exposed to black light

•   May show some response to treatment

The available treatments for melasma in Singapore are:

  • Laser treatments
  • Sunscreen
  • Topical medications

A doctor that specialises in treating melasma knows that there is no single treatment that can completely banish melasma. Given that, you may undergo a combination of treatments and procedures to effectively minimise the discoloration on your skin. In some cases, melasma may gradually clear up on its own even without medical intervention.

It is common for melasma to be mistaken for another kind of skin pigmentation due to its colour and characteristics. Hence, getting a correct diagnosis is essential as this will play a crucial role in planning for your treatment.

In any case, you should leave the treatment of melasma in the hands of a capable doctor. Do not try to deal with this skin condition without the guidance of an expert as it may only worsen.

Are you at risk of developing melasma?

Below are the factors that may increase your chances of developing melasma:

  • You are female
  • You are taking medications that may cause melasma
  • You have a dark skin colour
  • You have close family members that have melasma
  • You have hormonal problems or are pregnant
  • You have constantly been exposed to the sun without proper protection

While melasma is most commonly diagnosed in women, it can also affect men.

Is there a way to prevent melasma?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete way of preventing melasma, especially when it is caused by genes and hormones. However, there are methods that you can do to hinder it from getting worse. Here are some ideas:

  • Use sunscreen daily. Apply enough sunscreen on the areas of your body that are usually exposed to the sun and have a higher risk of developing melasma. These parts are the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, upper lip, arms, neck, and back.
  • Find alternative medication. If your melasma is caused by medication, such as birth control pills, talk to your doctor and ask for any alternative that can help eliminate the cause of your melasma.
  • Switch to gentler skincare products. Some skincare products may have ingredients that are harsh and cause skin irritation. This can make your melasma worse. If you notice your skin reacting to a certain product and triggers the development or darkening of your skin discoloration, immediately stop using the product.

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