Bad breath is neither desirable nor accepted by people. It is detrimental and looks like a nuisance to those around you. Therefore, you must try to avoid any situation in which you must face bad breath. Various causes lead to bad breath; if you know about these causes, you can try measures to reduce the reasons. 

In this article, we will discuss three surprising causes of bad breath which you must avoid. If there is persistent bad breath, you must consult a dentist who can solve your problem in Brookline. A Brookline general dentist can help you in reducing your bad breath issue. 

What are Three Surprising Causes of Bad Breath? 

Poor Oral Hygiene: Oral Hygiene is essential for every human being. However, we cannot consider this as a surprising cause for bad breath because poor hygiene will send people away from you due to bad breath. The leading cause of bad breath is food buildup in your mouth. The food particles stick to your teeth and sometimes become lodged between them. This uncleanliness in the mouth causes bacteria formation and emits an unpleasant smell. 

The practical solution to keep bad breath away from you is to brush and floss regularly and drink lots of water to avoid the formation of bacteria in the mouth. 

Bad Breath Can Be Caused Due to Alcohol: People who have a habit of alcohol also suffer from bad breath problems along with several health problems. Alcohol is consumed through the way of the digestive system. It goes down into the bloodstream through the small intestine and lining of your stomach. This harms the digestive chain; thus, any harmful substance is not broken down properly. In this system, the esophagus is damaged, which causes bad breath. Additionally, alcohol also leads to retching and burping, through which there is a reflux of acids and chemicals from inside the body, which is also harmful to the body. 

Skipping Breakfast May Lead to Bad Breath: If you rely on breakfast every morning, ignoring it will lead to less saliva formation. Saliva helps the digestive system break down food and keeps it clean. Without saliva, the entire digestion process will halt, and specific compounds will be generated in your mouth, leading to dryness and bad breath. 

So, these are specific reasons that can lead to bad breath problems, and you can avoid them by cleaning your mouth regularly and effectively with fluoride toothpaste.