Before, vein procedures were mainly based on a surgical procedure called saphenous vein stripping. In this procedure, the problematic leg vein is tied off and removed. While such procedures were quite successful, they require you to be in an operating room, making them time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient. Thankfully, a vein doctor in South Carolina can employ modern techniques to get rid of vein issues without the need to go to a hospital. 

Are You Experiencing Symptoms?

If you can see small veins on the surface of your skin that do not cause symptoms like discomfort, pain, leg heaviness, or leg fatigue, you may have a cosmetic vein problem. These surface veins are known as spider veins, which can be treated with cosmetic laser or cosmetic sclerotherapy. With sclerotherapy, medicine is injected into the veins, causing the veins to regress, shrivel, and fade. The procedure is often mildly uncomfortable as a tiny needle punctures your skin. But a topical anesthetic spray can be applied to reduce the discomfort. 

Leg veins can lead to various symptoms, such as aching, leg heaviness, leg cramps, and ankle swelling. Some people experience itchy or discolored skin. Mild or intermittent symptoms can be managed with conservative treatments, while serious symptoms should be dealt with using some procedures. 

Significant Improvement After Treatment

Modern-day treatments for vein issues like varicose veins can lead to the following improvements:

  • Less pain. In some people, varicose veins can cause symptoms like aching, heavy-feeling legs. Others suffer from a condition known as phlebitis, characterized by inflamed, tender, and red veins. After treatment, your pain can be relieved or eliminated. 
  • More movement. Usually, your activity and exercise levels will be reduced if you have an aching and swelling leg. But you can break this cycle by getting treatment for varicose veins. After a procedure, your legs may feel less tired and have more energy. Thus, you will be able to exercise regularly again. 
  • Improved look. Varicose veins are unsightly, and getting them fixed can improve the appearance of your legs. If your veins tend to bulge through the surface of your skin, vein procedures can eliminate them.
  • Better sleep. Vein issues can lead to nighttime leg symptoms that can make it hard for you to get quality sleep. Leg restlessness and cramps can be experienced when you have varicose veins. Once you get treatment for your condition, you may be able to sleep more soundly through the night.