If you want to become a good musician, one of the most important things you have to focus on is your hearing. Musicians often focus too much on singing and give less attention to their own hearing abilities. 

A good musician does not only have a good voice and other musical skills but also has a very profound ability to hear. Good musicians train their ears along with training their fingers and voices. 

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Ear training

Ear training refers to listening skills that help a person master music and sound. Most of us have almost the same ability to listen, however, most of us do not have the same level of expertise when it comes to ear training. 

Ear training involves listening to a piece of music, or any other audio, understanding that audio and replicating it as accurately as possible. 

People with advanced hearing training can replicate audios much better than others. They are much better at distinguishing the difference between different sounds, tones, pitches, and sound effects. 

Keys to Improving Aural Skills

Improving aural skills is not as complicated and difficult as it may seem. Following are the basic things you need to focus on in order to become an expert listener:

  • Focus on your memory

Improve your memory by trying to listen to more music. However, improving aural memory requires that you not only listen to music but try to understand it. 

  • Be more confident 

Believe in your potential and abilities whenever you are exercising a musical piece. However, do not misunderstand confidence as close-mindedness. Always stay open to criticism because that’s where you’ll learn from.  

  • Improvise 

Make music as much as you can, regardless of your level of expertise. Do not wait until you become an expert in order to improvise because that will happen along the way. Gaining expertise without improvising is not possible. 

  • Focus on intonation

Music is about the way words are spoken, and you have to be an expert in understanding intonation in order to grasp the spirit of music.

  • Be an attentive and active listener

Listen to your favorite composers and try to understand the aspects of their music, such as low sounds, high sounds, pitch, tone, rhythm, and intonation. 

  • Learn about audio

Learn about the jargon, concepts, techniques, and different musical instruments. 

  • Test your hearing

Go for a checkup and assess your hearing abilities. Services by clinics like Audiologie can be the game-changer when it comes to improving the hearing ability. 


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