There are many similarities between white tea and green tea. These two are different types of tea produced from one particular plant. As they are produced from the same plant, they share similarities in their properties and health benefits. This tea being similar in certain things also has certain differences between them that is important to know.

Green tea turns to a yellowish green color when it gets brewed up, they have a low content of caffeine with a vegetal and grassy note to it. Whereas, white tea is even lighter and mellower compared to green tea, and also has a very low content of caffeine in them.

The basic difference between white tea and green tea are as follows:

White tea:

  • It although has its origin in China, it is now grown in a few neighboring countries too.
  • The leaves are dried in the air to stop the oxidation and get processed in minimal steps.
  • They are said to have a very low content of caffeine, even though the silver needle tea’s content is higher.
  • It is very famous for its light body and slightly fruity mellow taste they have.

Green Tea:

  • It originated from China and now grow in Japan and other Asian countries too.
  • The leaves get pan dried or steamed to halt the oxidation process, it even gets different shape by being pressed or curled.
  • Are low in caffeine, even after the green tea is grown the shades can be higher.
  • Brewing it up gets a golden green liqueur along with nutty, grassy, and vegetal notes.

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You do know that both the teas have similarities, but you should even know the important difference that both of them.

  • The country of origin:

Primarily white tea originated from China, but is also produced in neighboring countries like Nepal. Whereas green tea is made in Japan and China, but is also grown in most Asian countries.

  • The methods used in processing.

White tea has minimal steps and is dried in the air. Green ta have two ways to be dried, pan dried or steamed. Green tea is also given shape or pressed to get the final product.

  • The Appearance of Green and White Tea.

White tea look like the actual leaves in case full leaves of white teas are used. In case of silver needle white tea, it gets a downy look. The tea can have different colors like brown, white, or light green. Green teas have a flat needle-like shape that is dried in curled shapes. The color of it is the same as the name Green.

  • Flavors

There is a very mild taste in the white tea and is described as having an apple and hay-like note in it. Green tea is slightly robust and has a grassy, nutty, and vegetal note in it.

This was a slight vision of the differences between the two teas. Get to know more by having them and get one that you liked the most.