If you’re grappling with anxiety and considering hemp-derived cannabinoids, you might be wondering about the right strength. Let’s be clear: Psychoactive cannabinoids can induce relaxation in ways non-psychoactive ones can’t. However, some cannabinoids may be too potent for anxiety treatment.

Delta 9 THC, for instance, can lead to anxiety and paranoia as a side effect. In such cases, delta 8 THC can be a helpful alternative. This THC isomer is half as potent as delta 9 and is less likely to cause anxiety. It stands as a robust option compared to other non-psychoactive cannabis cannabinoids like CBD and CBG.

This article will delve into the research behind using delta 8 for anxiety treatment and assess the product’s effectiveness.

What Research Says About Delta 8 and Anxiety What the Research Says

Delta 8 may have several therapeutic benefits which can contribute to your mental health.

Relaxation and Euphoria

Researchers conducted a study to grasp how delta 8 impacts individuals. In a group of over 500 people, 71% reported experiencing relaxation, 68% felt euphoria, and 55% noted pain relief. Numerous customers have shared similar experiences, expressing feelings of euphoria or relaxation after using delta 8.

From this survey and our customers’ feedback, it’s evident that delta 8 can be beneficial in promoting relaxation, especially in stressful situations.


Sleep and anxiety are closely connected: insufficient sleep can increase anxiety, and heightened anxiety can result in less sleep. Breaking this cycle is often crucial in reducing anxiety.

While there’s limited research on the effects of Delta 8 for sleep, anecdotal reports suggest potential benefits. Delta 8 is considered a natural sleep aid that may also provide relief for anxiety and pain.


Pain can create a cycle that contributes to anxiety or, at the very least, complicates efforts to manage anxiety.

While not extensively studied for pain, there is anecdotal evidence suggesting that delta 8 may contribute to physical relaxation. Additionally, some research indicates that delta 9 THC, a similar compound, may offer pain relief. Delta 8 is often described as having a more body-focused effect compared to delta 9, potentially leading to greater benefits.

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