Have you been experiencing double vision? A normal person can see an object clearly. Double vision happens when you are seeing two images of an object overlapping each other. People with double vision will always find it hard to do their daily activities such as cooking, cleaning the house or going out. Besides, it can also make some activities such as driving very hazardous because our sight is not the same anymore. This symptom can affect people at all ages. Even very small children can also experience this thing. It can also have affected one or both of your eyes. If it only happens at one of your eyes, it is called monocular double vision while it is called binocular double vision if it happens at both of your eyes. If you have been experiencing this problem, it is a wise idea to meet your doctor or go for health screening. You might be able to know what is the cause for your double vision. There are a lot of causes for double vision. We list the most common causes below:

  • Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes, or known as high blood sugar is one of the most common causes for double vision. People with diabetes tend to develop eye problems and it is not only restricted to double vision problems. Some of them also develop dry eyes and loss of sight such as in macular degeneration problem. Why is this happening? The reason is because the high amount of sugar in the blood vessels can cause organ damage. Our eyes contain a lot of blood vessels, so it is natural to be damaged by this type of condition, causing a lot of eye problems.

  • Traumatic brain injury

Our head is the center for our body, so any injury to the head will need an emergency checkup especially if it involves bleeding. This usually happens during vehicle accidents or any traumatic incidents. Usually, an injury to the back of the head will likely cause eye problems such as double vision. Why is that so? This is because the main vessels for our eyes are situated at the back of our brain. So, these vessels can be damaged or lacerated if any trauma or injury happens at this specific part of our head.

  • Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Stroke or TIA is a condition where your blood vessel loses blood supply, causing oxygen deprivation to your organ. As a result, your body might not be able to function at all because there is no oxygen supply. Stroke or TIA usually happens because of clots in the vessels. These clots can be formed from high levels of cholesterol or because of any vessel damaged. Either way, it might cut our oxygen supply and cause end organ damage. This is the reason why people with stroke or TIA incidents might experience double vision. The vessels that supply the eyes might be blocked.

  • Brain tumor

Tumor is an excessive multiplication of cancer cells, forming a solid existence in any part of our body. One of the most dangerous tumors in the world is brain tumors. This is true because the brain controls each of our actions and movement, so any tumor inside the brain might make us lose our functions. One of the brain tumor’s symptoms is double vision. This is especially true if the tumor is situated somewhere at the back of our head. As mentioned above, this is where the main vessels for our eyes come from. So, a tumor here might interfere with our eyes function. Get Vaccinated.