Are you noticing a thick and hard patch of skin on your toe or foot? Then it might be either a corn or a callus. Both corns and calluses are hard layers of dead skin that develop on the feet due to repetitive irritation, friction, and rubbing. They usually occur due to wearing ill-fitted shoes or rubbing between the toes.

However, the main difference between a corn and a callus is the location on the feet and whether they are causing any pain. Calluses occur at the bottom of the toes while corns appear on the bony part of the foot. Both of them can be painful and discomforting if not treated properly.

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What causes corns and calluses?

The common causes of corns and calluses are wearing ill-fitted footwear and not wearing socks. They start hurting if they become large.

People who are at a higher risk for developing both have:

  • Abnormality in walking
  • Hammertoe
  • Bunion
  • Foot deformities like a bone spur

Signs that you have a corn

Corns appear on a specific part of a foot that does not bear any weight. They usually appear between your toes and on their top or at the sole due to sweat accumulation. Corns can be either hard or soft and are generally smaller than calluses. You might experience pain on pressing corn.

Signs that you have a callus

Calluses appear light in color and make the skin area thicker than the skin around it. They feel hard with a dry, flaky, or waxy appearance and usually develop on the foot that bears weight. They are mostly painless and cause no discomfort but they can be painful if they become large. In that case, visiting a podiatrist for laser callus removal Orange County is the best and safe option.

They form due to pressure and friction on the soles of the feet, either near the heel or at the ball of the foot. You can also have calluses in your palms and fingers due to roughness and friction.

How is corn removed through surgery?

Most people try removing corn with corn cure acid pads that are available in pharmacies. This often makes the corns between the toes worse and might also lead to infections. You need to stop putting pressure on the corn area and get it rid of immediately by a podiatrist who will perform a minor corn removal surgery.

Corn removal is a small surgical procedure that is done right in a podiatric clinic and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. The podiatrist would apply local anesthesia to make the affected area numb.

A sterile scalpel is used to gently remove the dead layers of the skin so that the root of the corn gets exposed which is then removed. You might expect slight bleeding during the procedure with a few stitches to close the surgery area.

Once the corn is removed, your podiatrist bandages the area to stop bleeding and keep it clean. You will be instructed on how to treat your wound with care and the precautions to take to avoid any kind of infection and complications.

It takes hardly 2 to 7 days for the corn removal surgery to heal completely. You will be asked to limit your physical activities during the healing period, avoid wearing closed shoes, and not put pressure on the foot.

Ways to prevent corns and calluses

You can avoid developing corns and calluses in your foot by following certain precautions.

  • Wear proper fitting shoes as prescribed by a podiatrist.
  • Avoid wearing high-heels or sharp-pointed shoes for a longer time.
  • Wear footwear that offers good support and allows your feet to breathe.

It is advised never to ignore foot discomfort. Corn or callus removal Irvine by a good podiatrist ensures you get rid of the pain and discomfort and have happy feet to carry you places.