While we hope you never have to deal with an unbearable toothache or injury to the mouth, dental emergencies are not unheard of or rare. Not all clinics are equipped to deal with urgent situations, and therefore, if you are looking for one, choose a Scottsdale emergency dentistry clinic that’s worth relying on during a stressful situation. In this post, we are sharing more about dental emergencies and circumstances that demand immediate attention.

When you definitely need to rush to a clinic

There are several situations when you may need emergency care. Here are some quick examples –

  1. You have a severe toothache
  2. You have a cracked or broken tooth
  3. You have avulsed teeth
  4. You have sudden bleeding from your gums
  5. You have lost a crown or bridge
  6. A filling has fallen off
  7. You have extreme tooth sensitivity

What to do during a dental emergency?

In such times, the first step is to call the dental clinic. If you need time to reach the clinic, ensure that you take an over-the-counter painkiller. When there is bleeding, you can place clean gauze to apply pressure. Do not try to fix dental crowns or fillings with glues or other things. Keep your misplaced or worn-out dental appliances in a safe box. If you have bleeding or swollen gums, you may benefit from using a topical painkiller. Toothaches and bleeding gums are serious symptoms, and even if you get immediate relief, you still need to consider getting an exam done to find the potential causes.

Meeting your dentist

Make sure to bring your file to the clinic. If you have an avulsed tooth, your dentist may have a chance to fix it back in place, provided the tooth is attached, or it hasn’t been too long. Depending on the emergency, surgery may be necessary. If you have a toothache, your dentist may need to give you medications and ask you to return for a second appointment for root canal therapy. Do not hide symptoms, and ensure your dentist knows your medical history and allergies.

Final word

A dental emergency is always scary, but fortunately, many clinics offer a comprehensive mix of services and respond to clients immediately. You need to take appropriate steps to protect yourself until you reach the clinic. If you are unsure of what to do for a given emergency, call the clinic and ask for instructions. The staff or the dentist can guide you with the essential steps.