Quick question! What is the most integral meal of the day? We all know that the answer is breakfast. It is common knowledge that breakfast is the staple meal of the day. There are many reasons why breakfast is this much important. Know that it is a must to make a healthy start to your day. Your day will not spend healthy if you do not choose the best breakfast. Breakfast will give you the energy to spend the rest of the day. Hence, your spirit mostly depends on what you eat at the start of the day.


Many people skip breakfasts because they do not have enough time to cook meals in the morning. A lot of people often purchase ready-to-eat unhealthy meals from restaurants. Both of these options are wrong and unhealthy for you. The best option is a prep meal if you are a busy person. You can prepare these meals in minutes and store them in freezers or fridges. You can also buy a blast chiller for sale if you need to prepare healthy meals at a commercial level. We all know that prep meals are the talk of the town these days. They are getting trendy, and the industry of healthy prep meals keeps increasing.

You can find many prep meal recipes on the internet. Know that it is crucial to consume protein-rich meals at breakfast. The protein will give you the energy to spend the day with enthusiasm. But, it is significant to find a tasty high-protein breakfast. We present you with a smoked salmon sandwich that can make your morning much better. The New York classic is a piece of art that you must try at least once in your life. It has the perfect smoky taste with salmon flavor and other seasonings. The best thing about this sandwich is that you can make it within 15 minutes. You can also prep and store it in any appliance.

Many people think that a smoked salmon sandwich requires fancy ingredients. Know that you can make this sandwich with essentials in your pantry. Below we have mentioned the six items you need to make this sandwich.

  1. Bread

Is it even possible to make a sandwich without bread? We all know that the foundation of any sandwich is bread. It is necessary to choose healthy bread options. And there are many retail stores have stock the bread in their Countertop freezers like Tefcold UF50GCP where you can choose from. The best option for you is whole-wheat bread. It is healthy and contains fewer calories. Know that you can also select grain bread. This bread will help you feel full for a long.

  1. Salmon

The name of the sandwich tells it all. Salmon is a staple ingredient for this sandwich. We all know that salmon adds magic to any meal. You will need 8 ounces of smoked salmon to make four sandwiches. You need to make sure you thinly slice the salmon when you put it in the salmon. It will make it easy for us to chew.

  1. Veggies

Do you want a sandwich that will control your cravings? Most recipes include unhealthy and heavy ingredients to make the sandwich enough to control the hunger. But, this recipe contains veggies. You can add any veggies you prefer. The best option for you is baby spinach. You can also add red onion, tomatoes, and baby greens.

  1. Seasonings

No one likes a bland sandwich. That is why you need to add seasonings to create the perfect flavor. You will not need to choose too many spices. Keep your flavorings light and less spicy. Sprinkle some salt and pepper in your sandwich. You can also add chili flakes.

  1. Cream Cheese

Your sandwich will be dry without a saucy ingredient in it. Many people prefer sauces or dressings. The easiest option for you is cream cheese. It is handy and delicious. You can also add other dips according to your preferences.

  1. Capers

You will need capers to step up this sandwich. Know that this specific ingredient makes this sandwich different from others. Add a handful of capers to your sandwich. You can also roast the caper plants if you like.